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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  September 2, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>>now on fox 45 early edition.ú each day it gets moree3 aggressive to what we actually do. a declaration oo emeegencyú as hurricane earl barrees toward maryland. ú%hn we could feel the effects of he big storm aad how maryland is ppeparing. a man takes hostages at a3 -aryland tellvisiin neeworkk tte violent end to the standoff and the manifesto the man left behind. tterr's just two days left. the second to the laat chance tú win justin bieber tickets. 3 good morning, it's thursday3 you're taking a live look over
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the inner harbor. all is calm there this morning. but how soon nd how much willl3 good morning, i'm p patrice harris. check in with meteorologist3 steve fertig because everybody is keeping an eye on earl especially the eastern shore. >> reporter: you are thinking how soon can that change? at the inner harbor not much. and strong surf kunts and that d that is going to e happennng early tomorrow morning. you can see off the georgia coast, there's earl making its way toward the eastern seaboard. we are expecting it to move will be aastrong surf nd at strong wind that we will be ddaaing withhfor the area.
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rest of us not too bad. %-way it should be with cleare skies for the bus stop. a rather mild stop. you will see around the area we got temperatures around the 77s. it's pretty mild all over except in oakland it's 66. headed to 93. it's anothhr hot ay today. will you feel the humidity, too. eked woo. we will let you knoww hat it shapes up for this weekend once eaal passes to the northeaat. right now let's checkkthe traffii with the lauren cooke. on the rods. nroads. as we pull thht set up..3 just yet but those ho areds traveling southbound you're look ago a 4-minute drive with an average speed f 54 miles per %-all is clear traveling through toll to thh beltway an 8-minute3
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ú%ip. from tte harbor tunnel toll to 95, you're lloking at a 9-minute 54 miles per hour. that's the travels back to ou. thank you, lauren. hurricane earl moved speee ahead closing in onnthe eastern seaboard. the storm is expected to hit mmryland early tomorrow morning. goverror o'mallly has signnd a declaration of emergency. megan gilliland is leaving but before see leaves she is been rekking over the atlantic ocean and steaming toward the eastern seaboard with winds gustinn up to 40 miles per hour out there. take a look at some tte damage he has done already. sweeping through the dominiian reppblic, ann the caribbean witú a venge gens. %-he is expected to the hit norh
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carolina ater today. hahatteras island has been evacuating as people move toward safety. >> it's the worst that a tine teenager ever had. >> an emergency has been declared in north carolina and now there has been here,,too. earl ii expected to hht maryland around 1:00 tomorrow morning. %-local jurisdictions twwce a dy and governor o'malley is advised holiday ttavelerssnnt to drive to or from ocean city during tte heiggt of this storm. if you're going to be on the coast expect strong winds, dangerous waves and of course riptides during the storm. the good news is many forecasstrs are expecttng good weether for the laboo day weekend after earl passes. megan gilliland fox 455early eeition. officials in ocean city say ttey are prepariig for he wors3
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but hooing for the best. yesterddy the beach patrol asked swimmerr not to go into the occan. rip currents could come out of nowhere and ddsappear just as fast. even though ocean city does not appear to be in hurricane earl's direct path. winds up tto30 iles per hour can cause beach erosion. the winddcan ttke trash thattcaú turnninto flying projectiles and close the sea gates as >> we will see wwnd and elevated tied and after that the rest of the weekend is expected to be beautiful. >> the labor day weekend is a but rental agencies experienced3 a decline and the numberrof bookings being made for the holiday. stay tuned for fox 45 morning news for continuing coverage ofú thii story. we ill taak with an insurance agency about the concern that come up with a urricane.
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that's at 6:00 hoor. make sure to say wiih fox 45 for -he latest information for ú%rricane earl. we wiil have continuing cooerage tonight on the news at 5:300and 10::0. ú%> maryland police shoot and3 kill a gunmannholding hostages insidd of the discovery -uilding. jennifer davis reports that the3 police shot the gunnan and all the hostages made it ouu unharmed. before you. >> reporter: with a gunman taking hostages, police began o evacuate 400 employees. neaaly four ours later police shhot suspeettjames j lee, a man who had a long history of being3 angry over discovery's environmental programming. >> our tactical unit moved n. -hey shot the suspect and the support is deceased.
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>> reporter: employees evacuatee 100 children frrm a daycare center. witnesses told police lee was armed and wearing what looked3 llke metal lic etallic cancereo his body. he took three hostages and they wwrr all unharmed in the enn. >> believe he came in with two booes and backpacks that we suspect may have explosive ddvices in them.ú >> reporter: leeecarried protests against the discovery channel. he was arrested at a 200883 prottst ann indicated an area >> he was ordered to stay ú%0 feet away from the discoverr building. his probation ended two weeks ago. >> reporter: and authorities say evee though they were this incident, it will take
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sometime to find out what led him to escalate his protests to this level. jennifer davis. fox news. a viewer ike you help police capturr a man suspected of raping a 9-year-old girl and giving her an std. at the warren tax force policeman the phone lines as they profiled michaee waters on -uu fugitive files on friday. just a ew days later, police were abbe to traak him based on information they received from foo 45 viewer. >> received a tip that ichael waters was in the area of glen burnie. based on that tip we ent ut to get him and there he was. >> i don't need no -- child sex abuse. you can see alllthe wanted suspects in our fugitive files city state attorrey patricia
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jeesamy is bringing her campaign into your living room. >> weetook over and violent crime is doon 59%, robberies have dropped by 2/3, and murders and gun crimes are own -p>> jessamy's teeevision ad and it sitesscrimes from 11 yearr and it doesn't mention her opponent bbrnstein. the grouu ffels thattbernstein would bring a new approach to the office. on the november election. go to and click on the vote 2010 icon in theú some shoe less firefighters -ill be on he loose today aaain this year for jerry's kids. joel d smith is live in
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pikesville this morning where firefighters are ready to help and to competee little. -ood morning, joel. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. it's always interesting when you %-firefighters collecting forhe jerry's kids all for good cause. they get a little competitive. today we have lieutenant don3 knots herr. you uys are ready for this. and more than $72,000 ffr last year from the city. >> we are the busiest fire ddpartment in the state off3ú %-we're real proud of that, becaase we'rr outrunning all the -ime. >> reporter: in the middle of job, riggt? >> every day. 24-7. we did the blizzard and the hea3 ttis center, but we wiil be out shopping centers ollectinggfor3 somewhere, but we will be there.
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thh camps they do. >> camp maria and we bring 40 to 50 kids from all over the state out there. the kids get a chanceetoogo swimming, go fiihing and they%p. nn is what we look forrard toú every year. we aae real proud to be involved in had a also. >> reporter: the people hat haveeseen the kids invollvd in that know how important it is. if you have healthy kids you know how important it is. >> i have three heaathy daughters. if anybody out there in tte ú-you'reeblessed.lthy childrrn, we're asking all tte citizensú during the labor day hhliiaa to stop and see us on the street corner and put a dollarror twoo in the boot to fill the boot. %-concerred if you do that in te city, even better. we're live at pikesvilll this morning. joel d smitt, fox 45 morning news. jool, it's so good to see them up and out. -ou do. you see them at intersection and the corners this time of year and hopefully everyone does continue from the city to the >> reporter:: and they will today and through monday wiih
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>> and we're all a pprt of the teleehon. thank you, joel. you can support he mussular dystrophy associatton by joining me, bruce cunningham and jennifer gilbert sunday, septemmer 5th through labor day september 6th. the national aquariim has graced bbltimore's landscape for fearly 30 ears and now it's time to celebratt. the anniversary events for the downtown landmark begin today. aquarium officiils plan to discuss the launch of the national aquarium protectionn3 protection of he world's aquutic eco system. they will turn on the new wave light ttii evening.. the original neon sign was more efficient model. p>> a suspected drug pinna rested. >> when i came up the police were ---3 >> the drug money police arr looking for.3 and a tropical ssorm warning
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now for the ocean city area and -urrounding parts of that it's not back-to-school, it's forward to what's next
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l rriht. we'rretalking about earl maaing its way toward us. take a look at the oastal floods, watches in place throogh the chhss pac!! chesapeake bay h %-wwrning for the inland paat of ocean city and the surrounding that.ú,definitely takeenote of coming your way, even though it doeen't looo to beea direct hit. look athat hd radar ann this is a drr scan. we chhck the computerrmodels and thissis what we find as we have a category iv huuricane.ú all of the computer models steering away from our area, had a doesn'' mean you won't have to be concerned abouttthh ocean city area, becaase there will be high surf and snrong wind strone %-aa it steers away from our ar.
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that is goinggto make its way toward us but iss us it looks by tomorrow in the early morning hours and in the earll afternoon it should start to pass. %-ocean city.s southeast of ittmoves away froo cape ha hatts ú%d tropical force windss you ee hhw it moves toward the3 mouth of the chesapeake bay, and eveeybody else outtide of thht area so we may havv the pick up winds not much for he inland areassas you get past i-knife. we alsoohave fiona52-mile-an-hour winds and we have been watching ttis one telling that it's not as strong -nd ii's moving further toward thh north. it's staying east as it moves north through the weekend.
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also just to let you know, there's another system out there and that is gaston. that is going to be moving in our general direction toward the caribbean first.ú we are not yet certain about the ú%ackinn. it's early. just to let yyu know during theú things are pcking up now.ú checking out hiih pressure as it moves off to the east.3 thht is bringing us sunshine buú -o the eastt theefrontallboundary behind t for theeweekend. we will be looking pretty good around here as we get tomorrow laae in the daa, saturday, temperature wise we are in the day all over.úú%for the eastern, 87 degrees there, south winds at %-the cennral part offthe state getting up to 93 today with a more highhlevel clouds as earlw gets closer. south wind at 5-10 miles per
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hour. back to the west, more sunshine furthee away rom the tropical system. 93 degreee for the high, thoogh. 68 degrees overnight tonnghh. it will be a mill ne and then ú%bit cooler, but sttll warm.3 ú%at is the day we're watching the eastern shore with the ocean city area, eastern county in particular. everybody else artly cloody skies. %-but thht is about.uds inland 87 degrees on saturday, cooler,3 more comfortable and 83 lots of sunshine, lookkng good once we get past tomorrow for everybody. headed to the bbach a big weekend. look for a lot of sunshine ú%ere. 89 degrees saturday's highh3 temperature and 87 degrees suspect tively for sunday and tr sunday and monday. nnw lets get a check of our
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-ith the traffic edge. %-morning.rr patrice, we have it's at northeast baltimore. thh tums no problems to talk about, you're looking attann3 mchhnry tunnel. ú% be using oor main lines, we're looking at high speeds all the wwy around, checking in and of 695,,we're looking at a high of 65 iles per hour traveling on the whitemarsh areaa aa you hop on the belttay it3 it will be an easy drive alongú the outtr loop lanes as you make as you take a lookkat liberty road. you're looking at an 1-minute rideefrom 795 to 95, nn problems to talk about 83. checking in and taking a look at the harrisbuug expressway at -t's going to be wide open. you're looking at a qqick-minute ride from shawan road tt
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drug empire run for maryland. ú%ree people have been arrested3 -ncluding the suspected kingpin.
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federal prosecutors have the indictment and as koagg!keith ds reports, now they're going after the money. >> the kingpin of a violent drug ring..3 he is 26 years ood stephen ú%ackwell f elkton. blackwell and two other women, tara carter and joo edison are facing a federal charge of conspiracyyto distribute heroin. now accooding toothe indiccment, federal prosecutors want to the trio. million in money from ú% they can't cough up the cash, prosecutors will seize real estate which could nclude a -4,700,000 home blackwell owns on thh elk river.3 >> if we donnt do that, we winn defendant may serve time in prison, come back home, and in tte meantime he has a milliondoe nameeof his mother, father, sister or ccildren. >> reporter: the operation
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began in 2003 and stretched frrm baltimore to new york and the dominican reppblic. prosecutors call it a violent operation with one of many acts3 linked to blackwell in 2009 when ú%val dealers opened fire at a backyaad barbeque injuring 12 people including blackwell he intended target. guests and neighbors at the time took cover.ú >> it was bad, man. it was badd everythiig when i came up all ú%e pooice were out there. >> reporter: blackwell is3 locked up in new york. prosecutors won't is what led to his arrest but say it's the result of a lennthy investigation. -p>> ooten your undercover investigatiins where you are using cooperating crildzzout onn the streets oo federal agents who are operating undercover an3 purporting to be drug dealerssso a loo strategizing goes into these cases. later on the early edition,
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the dowwdog dayy may be over, sttcks raaly after a lonn august slump nd the new nnno iiod to be the latess test crop for apple. ú%hley webster has today's business report. kicking off eptemberrwithha da3 to remember. points today. thaa following lasstmonth's 450 point plunge, stocks rising up ú%owing that manufacturinggis but all of those saaessare down.
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gmc sales plunged 25% from a year aao when follk wereecashing in on thh cash for clunkers. chrysler stables climbing thanks to the introduction of new jeep. heinz uarterly profit riiing by 13%%bbating estimates. haynns expecting itlines exxecto grow. the nnw nano's will have touchú they are adding sociall3 networking systems o i it's not back-to-school,
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he earedition. let's get over to meteorologist steve ferrig because everybody wants to go what is happening ú%th earl. >> reporter: the tropical storm warning is in plaae for the inland worcester county wherend